Grape-Express to make your project easier


Plug and play!

Simply plug your additional hardware into the board without any further effort.

Benefits of Grape-Express

With Grape-Express, you enter another world of development. With a lot of documentation and excellent support for hardware and software as well as simple and understandable design, developing your project becomes easy.

Why Grape-Express

There are a lot of developer boards in the market. Often called the Arduino board. But each is always the same, processor and a few plugs. With Grape-Express Mini you have even more features to make developing easier.

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What can I do with a Grape-Express Mini?
Developing is fun with the help of the Grape-Express Mini. You can program any application and realize your project using advanced hardware. Be it a simple controller or a complex smart home application with an app and Bluetooth. Existing features bring your project to its destination faster. Once you get the board, you can start right away without thinking about hardware.
Smart phone connection made easy

On the Grape Express Mini is a Bluetooth and a WIFI module. They can be configured using simple ASCII commands without much programming. This saves a lot of time.

Only one cable is necessary

With the help of a battery, the power source is superfluous, the battery lasts for up to 6 hours and fully charged again in 20 minutes. Only the one cable to program the Grape-Express Mini. But you programming it via Bluetooth or Wifi, then you don’t need any cables.


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Grape-Express Mini

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