aerosols/ bacteria/ viruses

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Breathing air is very important for us humans. If high performance has to be achieved, for example in schools or at work, the quality of the air plays a very important role. Most of the time, the air quality is bad, but you still work with the unconscious danger that is in the air. Too much concentration makes you tired and leads to concentration problems. Exposure to such air for too long can cause headaches and other physical ailments.

There are many solutions that are already in use. So CO₂ traffic lights are used, which are placed in one place in the room. The colors of green, yellow and red represent the quality of the air.

We release aerosols through breathing. When there are more aerosols in the air, the risk of bacterial and virus transmission increases, such as SARS COVID 19.

By displaying CO₂, the concentration and efficiency as well as the risk of infection can be controlled and reduced. If the traffic light is yellow or red, you should open the window and let fresh air into the room until the traffic light is green.

This graphic shows how CO₂ and aerosols behave

Until now, a CO₂ traffic light was always big and expensive. At the place where these mostly measure, the CO₂ is not always interesting either. If you work in an office you want to know what kind of air you are working in.

We introduce the CO2-USB, the smallest and most affordable CO2-Monitor device in the world!

With a device the size of a USB stick, the CO₂ concentration can be displayed visually and digitally, without any technical knowledge.

The sensor can be plugged into a normal charger, just like charging a smartphone. As soon as this is plugged in, the current CO₂ concentration is displayed with the help of a colored LED.

If the sensor is connected to a laptop or PC, it still shows the CO₂ concentration on the LED. If a program is also opened, the current values are shown exactly in (ppm). A diagram shows how the CO₂ concentration has behaved in the last 24 hours.

Application (preview)

Most people work in front of a laptop or PC, wherever a USB port is available. The CO₂ concentration is measured exactly at your workplace and not anywhere in the room. This offers the advantage of reacting much earlier if the concentration is too high. At the end of the day, the diagram can be used to see when the values have been exceeded in order to make possible improvements in ventilation.

Since the sensor can be connected to any suitable connection, it can measure the CO₂ concentration wherever you are, be it on the train, on the plane, in the car or at work.

This shows the the color green, yellow and red. The color change is smooth over all Values of CO₂






The size is 52mm x14mm x 12mm. This size corresponds to a standard USB memory. The design of the device is small and robust, so that it is possible to use the device wherever you are. If the LED turn on the case glows.




  • Easy handling of the device
  • Easy reading and interpretation of the values
  • Small and robust design
  • Intelligent software for detecting CO₂
  • Newest sensor technology of measure CO₂
  • Display of the CO₂ concentration with an LED, smooth full color range from green to red


  • User application for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS
  • Auto connect/switch to device
  • Analog meter with colored Values
  • Current, average, highest, lowest values
  • Display the values in a chart over 24 hours withe time
  • Logging over 24 hours without any connection of a Laptop or PC
  • Application get updates in future with more features

Examples of areas of responsibility

  • In every room of the house/building with a USB power source
  • At work
  • In the car
  • University and schools
  • Rest home
  • Hospital
  • Restaurants
  • Fitness center
  • Discotheque / clubs
  • Analyzing of ventilation technology in buildings



Use it in schools

at office

at your home

or in your car