My name is Simon and I’m the developer of Grape-Express

I am the founder and developer of Grape-Express. I live in Switzerland near Zurich. I have always had a great interest in electronics. For me functionality is very important so I decided to develop my own development board. I want to differentiate myself from the other products and create a new kind of product. This is how the Grape-Express Mini came into being. The board was successfully funded on Kickstarter. It includes the latest technologies like Bluetooth (4.2 BLE), WIFI and is very easy to use. So even with little know how a project can be set up quickly. So that nothing goes wrong, our support / forum is also available.


What is Grape-Express?

Grape-Express is a start up with the idea to facilitate the development of hardware and software. The developer board Grape-Express Mini was developed with innovative ideas. If an idea exists, you do not want to think about it for a long time, which hardware is suitable, but want to get started right away. This is what the Grape-Express Mini Board with its simple structure offers. Developing a hardware setup takes a lot of time. You never know if this hardware, where you developed, works right away. These times are over with the Grape-Express Mini. The board takes your development to a new level. The board offers a hardware that allows you to assemble various circuits quickly. Since smart connections like Bluetooth and Wifi are already on board, all that is required is the specific, project-related hardware and software.

It is important for us that the hardware matches the software. That’s why a lot of emphasis was put on developing the hardware to be universally customizable. So you can get all the power out of the device.