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how to active the booloader stk500v2



I would like to use arduino IDE with USB port. How can I active the boot loader already installed ?

By the way, if you can add a few documentations about how to use this powerfull board it could be nice.

thank for your help.


Hello, the bootloader is not yet on the Atmega2560. This can be loaded onto the chip via ISP. Using an Atmel ICE or a second Arduino board that works like a debugger.

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Hi Simon,

Did you delete the bootloader, should I get some default one from somewhere? I'm pretty sure I saw it last week, but it seems to be gone now?

I also want to use arduinoISP to upload the bootloader, to be able to use the arduino IDE somehow.

EDIT - Ok, I'm no Arduino expert here, but found out it's in Arduino IDE, even some optimized ones:


Also, am I right that I have to solder 2 pins to use the usb?:

To use Arduino IDE you have to enable the FT232R chip. Connect
the two EN Pads to enable.

Tschüss, Theun


I used an arduino nano with arduinoIPS sample to add the the arduino bootloader thru ISP plug-in.


Thanks @ojtdev!

I'll get an UNO, and try that.